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Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Baleares, folio 9 del tomo 1109 del Archivo, de la Sección de Sociedades, hoja número PM14.404, Inscripción 1.ª el 27 de Enero de 1994 - C.I.F. B-07.287204

One day from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night, except in special circumstances approved by the company-

The company allows a courtesy period of 15 minutes after which there will be a supplementary charge for the additional hours or a full day as from 3 hours after due time.

The rates include civil and criminal responsibility and third party, derived from the utilization and driving of the vehicle. These covers are guaranteed and are assumed by the insurer with which the lessor has signed the corresponding insurance policy.
This policy does not cover damage to, loss of any other harm to luggage, merchandise or personal objects transported in the vehicle. The client may take out additional insurance and exemptions detailed in the list (List of Insurances and Exemptions). Under no circumstances does the price cover towing costs.

Fuel consumed during the hire period will be at the lessee's expense. The lessee should use the correct type of fuel when filling the vehicle. If he/she does not do so the lessee will be responsible for expenses incurred in the transport and/or repair of any damage caused to the vehicle by the use of inadequate fuel.


The estimated cost of the service shall be paid in advance. A deposit for fuel and other extras, when applicable, is also charged and is determined by Unión Alquiler de Coches, S.L depending on the kind of vehicle and the insurance by the customer, which must be paid at the end of rental agreement. In the event of payment in cash, Unión Alquiler de Coches, S.L reserves the right to request one or several credit cards for the hirer as a guarantee. In order to extend the number of days for the rental, the customer must add the relevant amount to the guarantee. Credit cards are accepted: Visa, Eurocard, etc.

Traffic fines
The customer is liable for all penalties for offenses committed under traffic regulations.
For the management of fines a surcharge of 60 € will be charged .

In the event of damage or loss of the vehicle's keys, the customer shall cover replacement costs, at a cost of 170 € to 250 € depending on the vehicle.

All drivers must be at least 23 years old and have held a driving license for at least two years.

1. Supplement for child's car seat:
   6 €/day VAT included.
2. Additional driver:
   6,00 €/day VAT included.
3. Pick-up and/or return outside office hours:
   20,00 € VAT included.
4. Supplement airport pickup:
   25,00 € VAT included.

A - B - C 12 € x day 3 € x day 750 €
D - E - F 18 € x day 3 € x day 850 €
G - K 23 € x day 3 € x day 1.000 €
H - I - J - L 28 € x day 3 € x day 1.100 €
M - N 36 € x day 3 € x day 1.800 €
CDW: (Collision Damage Waiver) Partial exemption from liability for damages caused to the vehicle.
PAI: (Personal Accident Insurance)
* The rates are calculated with VAT and insurances that cover the personal damages with a excess.

· Do not leave personal items inside the car.
· Do not drive on unsurfaced roads, beaches, etc.
· Always carry with you the copy of the contract and the map with you are given on renting the vehicle, as these contain the Unión Alquiler de Coches, S.L. office telephone numbers in case of emergency.
· Respect speed limits, drive carefully and you will enjoy you holiday better.
· Always use the seat belts.
· If you stop the vehicle to look at an interesting view or take photos, leave it well parked, as otherwise you could cause serious accidents.



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Custom Service Delivery any point on the island. We deliver the car directly at the airport, no waiting, no transfers.
Pay only the fuel spent.
We deliver the car full and
equal returns.
Baby seats and lifters .
To make your holiday with children they are safe.
Company qualified by the
Government of the Balearic Islands
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